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My time at the CW Upfronts & first SPN_NYC Supernatural Season 2 Finale Party - Supernatural Meetups [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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My time at the CW Upfronts & first SPN_NYC Supernatural Season 2 Finale Party [Nov. 26th, 2007|12:56 am]
Supernatural Meetups


Crossposted from spn_nyc

I know this is 6 months late....but just felt like sharing this with you fellow SPN fans :)

So, since I had so much fun with my fellow Supernatural NYC fans at our last outing and I really wanted to do something special next time I saw them. I somewhat organized a Supernatural fun filled day outing. Basically this is what the itinerary consisted of

Stand/camp outside Madison Square Garden where The CW Upfronts where since their shows’ stars go there and present/pitch their shows to advertisers and affiliates.

Head on to the Irish Rogue for a Supernatural view-a-thon party until 5:30PM (another party was coming in)

Go to yffy (Meri) & graphix_fret’s (Tulip) hotel room at Holiday Inn for the season finale viewing party

First of all…MUCHO thanks to yffy for helping me with it…in booking the lounge room at the Rogue and etc. I’m not much of an organizer, so much appreciation in making the Supernatural NYC Fandom Day happen goes to her.

Anywho I arrived in NYC like I do if going to work…by bus although I was a wee bit late and dressed casually…sporting a bookbag with my Supernatural and Smallville DVDs for the celebs to sign. I told everyone to meet up at the eagle in front of Borders (7th Ave. btwn W 31st and 32nd) at 8:15-8:30 and then head on over to MSG since its right there. Soo…I felt bad I was a wee bit late and got a txt from yffy and bohemu asking where everyone was, etc. As soon as I got to Port Authority…called both of them to let them know I was in the city already and heading to Madison Square Garden…well the place I designated for us to meet.

I get there a wee bit late and bohemu texted me…..so did yffy. She was dropping off her stuff at the hotel and she and graphix_fret were going to take a cab to Madison Square Garden. So me, bohemu, superdork37, taintedangel80, and one other person who’s name is escaping me waited a bit…talking and wondering which entrance the celebs might come in. taintedangel80 gets a call from yffy stating she and graphix_fret are already at MSG on the other side. We all go meet them and they said they spotted some animals on the “green” carpet (green is The CW’s color). We had a bad view of the “carpet” so me and others go to the other side where there’s more people since the stars have to enter through there for the Upfronts. We waited for a while…and another LJ friend of mine tweedledbud spotted me…well she asked me “you Lauren?” I must’ve said something that gave myself away. Anywho we waited...and waited. Some stars passed by….I think we all saw Erica Durance (Lois Lane on Smallville) first. She was quite nice and knew everyone wanted a picture of her so she took the time for that. For some reason I didn’t have her sign anything although I should’ve. Hilary Burton (Peyton on One Tree Hill) came also. Heh, my cousin and brother watch the show so when Hilary was signing something basically right in front of me (for another person) I took her picture with my cell phone and sent it to them. My cousin text me back “What! No Way! How?!” Quite funny….and then John Glover (Lionel Luthor in Smallville) came. He was hamming it up for the crowd.,..trying to get everyone to scream for him. I got him to sign my Smallville season 1 dvd set since he’s been with the show from the beginning. Since Jensen didn’t show up around that time taintedangel80 said he was in town and at the CBS Upfronts we just assumed he’d show up after the presentation. Jared wasn’t there because he was off busy filming some Thomas Kinkade movie. Anyways while waiting, I went to the bathroom at Borders and called Hazel to tell her how I got the picture of Hilary while the others went to go get something to eat and bring some food back for the others. We talked and chatted Supernatural stuff and other things amongst ourselves.

Anywho I think someone had their sidekick with them stated what new shows are coming to The CW this fall and which ones are canceled (RIP Veronica Mars). A whole bunch more stars came out…most of them I didn’t recognize because they’re mainly from the new shows (Gossip Girl, Life is Wild, Aliens in America, Reaper). People kept yelling out to them to turn their way so they can take their picture. I was STILL waiting for Jensen to show up…and others too. Heh John Glover came out again and wanted everyone to scream again.

Anyways when it was time to dispersed or whatever and we were still disappointed Jensen never showed up, we decided we wouldn’t let that ruin our day. We all made the trek up to Midtown Comics since some of the people haven’t gotten the Supernatural comic book. Heh I think I saw my friend, Hal, working but sorta was hiding from him for some reason. Sooo they got their stuff and taintedangel80 wanted to go to Virgin Megastore to get some record..and while walking there lo and behold we bump into tweedledbud and her friend (who’s name is escaping me). We tried to convince them to go to The Rogue with us for a marathon viewing party but it was a no go .

We headed off to The Rogue…where we had an upstairs lounge all to ourselves and had a mini view-a-thon of Supernatural episodes while gulping pint glasses of purple nurples (they’re suppose to be in shot glasses) and munched on food. I think we viewed “Skin”, “Hell House,” “Tall Tales” and “Folsom Prison Blues.” I think I had fish and chips and since drinking makes me sooooooooo hungry…mozzarella sticks which were yummy. However though I did throw up I forget which episode…but it wasn’t pleasant. I think I drank the purple nurple too fast. Anywho…oh when we had the view-a-thon up in the lounge area, we also had to spend a minimum of $300 altogether and we were just short of it a bit….so we all did tequila shots…woooooo.

So we all headed up to the Holiday Inn at 57th and OMG I’m forgetting. Oh yffy and graphix_fret had booked a room there since they didn’t want to drive all the way back down to NJ and all. We decided to have the viewing party of the season finale there. Let’s see who was there me, bohemu, franzeska, superdork37, and xingou. I think we all settled down…(yffy was a bit hammered…lol) in the room. And superdork37 and franzeska volunteered to get us munchies and drinks…I just told them to get my some McDonald’s (think they got the rest of the peeps Mickey D’s too) and they ended up getting gummy bears, vodka and stuff (good variety you guys!). While they were out, some of us took turns on yffy’s laptop…checking our LiveJournal stuff, email. I even checked out supernatural_tv comm. The maintainer over there revealed Jensen and Jared didn’t show up (little too late…UGH) and then I read that one of the peeps we met earlier…she was in a bad mood ever since coming home from the thing….she got into an accident and her grandmother passed away  UGH…so awful. I wish she would’ve stayed. Anyways before the premiere we all wanted to watch part 1 of the season finale again…and we did on yffy’s laptop even though it was tiny for us to all gather and watch.

So by the time, the season finale came on…everyone was quiet and yffy and superdork37 were all being emo on their bed….crying their eyes out when Dean was grieving Sam’s deadth. Heh, I kept asking graphix_fret “are they crying?” but I think she ignored me…lol. My God, I’ve never had that much fun watching a show with a bunch of other fanatics well even though those people are into slash fiction and I’m not. Well not when it comes to the boys because it ruins their brotherly relationship…ANYWHO (heh sorry I got serious for a moment there). I kept eating gummy bears…woohoo for gluttony during the season finale party!!!! Anyways, it was SOO much fun watching the season finale with other fans, we were all pretty quiet which is why I could hear the sobbing, etc. lol.